SINCE 2017
Conquest (Shenzhen) Communication Co., Ltd

Shenzhen Kangkaisite Communication Equipment Co., Ltd.(Brand: CONQUEST Conquered) Headquartered in Shenzhen, China, is a professional high-end intelligent three-proof handheld terminal manufacturer, mainly engaged in intelligent three-proof dual-mode intercom handheld terminal, three-proof industrial explosion-proof handheld terminal, three thermal imaging IoT handheld terminal , three anti-vehicle intelligent terminal, three anti-Intelligence Tiantong satellite communication handheld terminal and other communication equipment research and development, manufacturing, private high-tech enterprises for global sales, and passed ISO9000 and ISO14000 certification and chemical and coal explosion-proof certification. Serving users of military police, public safety, petrochemical, coal and minerals, air transportation, rail transit, power and water conservancy, construction, forestry and fishery, disaster reduction and rescue, etc., providing all kinds of communication products, technical services and overall solutions required. Program.

Shenzhen Kangkaisite Communication Equipment Co., Ltd. adheres to the customer demand as the core and pursues a diversified business model. Follow the product philosophy of “Ning is the quality of paying more, not for after-sales service”, the product concept of “configuration is upgraded, conquering never stops”, and implement: “Strive for emergency response to communication services for mutual benefit and win-win” The enterprise spirit of “conquering and conquering all dissatisfaction” is committed to creating the most durable and durable three-proof intelligent communication products! Striving for a famous domestic brand! Create a star product made by China “Quality” and Shenzhen “Chi”.Follow the country's “One Belt, One Road” step, seize new opportunities, and fully explore the global market, push the CONQUEST conquering brand to the world, and create the most international high-tech national brand with Chinese characteristics.

Quality concept

Better pay more for quality than after-sales service

Enterprise spirit

Conquer everything with conquest

Enterprise purpose

Committed to emergency response, dedicated to communication service, mutual benefit and win-win results

Product concept

Configuration upgrade, conquer never stop

Enterprise objectives

Strive to create famous and high-quality domestic national brands!